- Color Lux Hair Tint Balm-Mask Belita Viteks
- Color Lux Hair Tint Balm-Mask Belita Viteks
- Color Lux Hair Tint Balm-Mask Belita Viteks
- Color Lux Hair Tint Balm-Mask Belita Viteks

Color Lux Hair Tint Balm-Mask

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21 Light Blonde
25 Pearly Chestnut
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Tint balm is an excellent product for giving your hair a beautiful fashionable shade
  • Doesn't irritate the scalp during coloring
  • Doesn't harm hair and improves its structure thanks to active caring ingredients
Active ingredients:
  • Argan oil (Moroccan oil) is one of the rarest and most valuable oils in the world. The value of this product lies in its unique composition, rich in vitamins A, E, F, unsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants, due to which Argan oil restores even heavily damaged hair, making it manageable. It actively nourishes, intensely moisturizes, protects hair from the negative effects of UV rays (photoaging) and other destructive environmental factors. After using Argan oil, the hair becomes stronger, healthier, softer and more elastic.
  • Smart-biocomplex Keratrit is a scientific development of the French company Biocosmethic. Due to its innovative composition based on ceramides, Smart-biocomplex Keratrit:
    • restores intracellular bonds in the structure of damaged hair at the molecular level: nourishes and smoothes the uneven hair structure;
    • renews and maintains an optimal moisture balance, strengthens the surface layer of hair, prevents thinning, makes hair less fragile.
The complex effect (argan oil and Keratrit Smart-biocomplex) has a beneficial effect on the processes of cell renewal in the hair structure, making hair silky and smooth.

  • Tint balm tones hair tone-on-tone, so choose a shade that will be in harmony with your natural hair color.
  • After lightening hair or perming, at least two weeks must pass before using a tint balm. This period that is necessary in order to prevent uneven hair coloring.
  • If you plan to use a tint balm, you must stop dyeing your hair with henna in a few months, so as not to get a completely unexpected shade.
  • The intensity of the shade when staining with balm can be adjusted. The longer the product remains on the hair, the richer the shade becomes (the optimal time is indicated in the application). The use of extra warmth also contributes to a more intense shade.
  • To achieve maximum staining, put a plastic cap on your head (after applying a tint balm to your hair), then wrap it up with a towel.
  • The result of using tinting agents depends on the original color and structure of the hair. For a more accurate determination of the result of staining, try a tint balm first on one small strand.
  • Withstands 4-6 times hair washing.
Application: put on gloves, cover shoulders with a towel. Gently, trying not to get on the skin of the face and neck, apply a tint balm-mask on previously washed and dried hair, distribute over the entire length, comb. Leave for 30 minutes. Rinse hair thoroughly until water is clear.

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    We created our company with the sole purpose of providing to customers from all over the world with a good selection of the highest quality and effective cosmetics from the famous eastern brands Belita and Viteks - cosmetics with an Italian heart and Belarussian hands.

    BELITA (BELarus-ITAly) was established in November 1989, the joint Belarussian-Italian enterprise. The Belarusian company was founded by the company "VITEKS", with the Italian company - the manufacturer of cosmetic preparations "GVF". The Italian side provided supplies of equipment and transferred formulas of several cosmetics, the Belarusian side provided the new enterprise with personnel and production facilities.

    All our team members constantly use Belita Viteks cosmetics, that's why we are confident in our products, as we can safely say that almost all products are personally tested.

    We sincerely love our cosmetics and choose only the best ones from a very wide range (2200+ products).

    L.A. Natural Eastern Cosmetics Ltd - the exclusive official distributor of cosmetics Belita and Viteks in Cyprus, Spain, Greece and other countries.

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    About our suppliers

    JV “BELITA” LLC and CJSC “VITEKS” are recognized leaders in the production of cosmetics in the Republic of Belarus.

    Modern enterprises of the full life cycle of products: from the development of the formulation of a cosmetic product and the creation of its design to the sale of cosmetic products through a well-developed network both in the Republic of Belarus and in the countries of near and far abroad.


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