Cosmetic line "SMOOTH and SLEEK" is ideal for damaged, weak hair that needs deep recovery. Special components seal hair surface with a light protective membrane and create lamination effect.

Ceramides penetrate deeply into damaged areas of hair and fill up microcracks and restore the cuticular layer along the entire length, prevent the appearance of split ends.

D-panthenol thickens hair, prevents its fragility and damage, provides long-lasting hydration and nutrition.

Crodabond ™ technology glues damaged flakes, smoothes hair surface and keeps it smooth and shiny even after repeated shampooing.

Coconut, macadamia and Moroccan argan oils intensively nourish hair from root to tip.

Hair structure is restored, hair gets tremendous elasticity, and you get easy combing and styling. Hair looks well-groomed, smooth and incredibly shiny.

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