Luxury collection of hair care products with argan oil and liquid silk.

Among all oils used in cosmetology argan oil with a delicate aroma belongs to the elite category. There are no more analogs to this product in the world.

The greatest value of argan oil is in its unique composition and effects on skin and hair. This is a real elixir of beauty and youth since approximately 80% consists of unsaturated fatty acids - linoleic, oleic and palmitic. Unsaturated fatty acids actively nourish, quickly restore and reliably protect hair and scalp from external harmful factors.

Argan oil is suitable for all hair types. It ideally cares for normal hair and solves the problems of split, damaged, dyed, dull, porous, weakened hair.

Liquid silk is one of the secrets of hair beauty.

Silk, by its nature, is perhaps the most related to hair component. Silk amino acids are able to easily penetrate into hair structure which allows them to fill damage quickly and effectively and smooth the cuticle scales. Silk proteins form the thinnest protective membrane on the hair surface giving it unique shine, smoothness and elasticity, and also protect hair from adverse effects of the environment.

The effect is noticeable after the first use.

Active ingredients and their effects:

Argan oil

  • intensively nourishes and moisturizes hair and scalp;
  • actively restores the structure of damaged areas;
  • makes hair stronger, healthy and shiny;
  • does not make heavy even the lightest hair.

Provasol silk molecules (liquid silk):

  • distributed over the entire hair length fill the damage in the cuticle completing it at the microscopic level;
  • make hair light, silky and elastic;
  • provide hair with luxurious shine and smoothness.

Apricot kernel oil:

  • helps to restore hair structure;
  • makes hair light, silky and elastic.


  • gently condition and moisturize hair;
  • provides easy combing.
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