Protein Repair

Shiny, healthy hair is one of the main indicators of well-groomed and beautiful women.

Every day, external factors negatively affect the condition of the hair: they deform its structure causing brittleness and thinning, the hair becomes weak and lifeless, dullness and split ends appear. However, all these problems are solved by Protein Repair line cosmetics from Vitex.

The PROTEIN repair line was created on the basis of the MICROPROTEIN VACCINE, consisting of 3 active proteins that fill the damage on different layers of the hair, thereby ensuring its multi-level restoration and strengthening along the entire length:

• Keratin microproteins deeply reconstruct hair - at the level of the cortex - the central part of the hair, which is responsible for its elasticity and strength. Microproteins fill structural micro-fractures and voids, recreate the natural keratin layer, strengthening the hair structure and reducing its fragility by more than 80%*.

• Silk proteins restore and strengthen the hair cuticle, increasing its elasticity, fill the hair with shine and “seal” split ends.

• Cashmere proteins smooth the surface of hair, contribute to the formation of a stronger protective layer covering the curls, which leads to the fact that the hair ceases to undergo new damage.

Due to the combination of 3 active proteins, the hair is transformed: it becomes stronger, more elastic, silky, gaining a beautiful natural radiance and a luxurious look.
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