Mom and baby - this is an amazing world. This world is filled with special meaning, extraordinary colors and music. The birth, the heartbeat, the first breath and the first cry of a tiny creature is a joy that cannot be described in words. From now on, all your time is subject to this small, magnificent creation.

The little man already knows how to hold his head, to sit, or maybe he is already taking independent steps, but the soft, vulnerable skin of an infant requires special care during this period. And not only the baby, but the mother herself needs special attention and care at this time.

MOTHER AND BABY - a line of cosmetics for exceptional gentle skin and hair care of mother and baby. Therefore, to develop products of this line, only natural oils, herbal extracts and natural thickeners were used, the components of the products were selected according to the criteria of maximum purity and absolute quality.

All products for babies contain HYPOALLERGEN PERFUME COMPOSITION
It is recommended to use FROM THE FIRST DAYS OF LIFE
Our MOM AND BABY line of cosmetics will help you and your baby to adapt to the world around you in this special period!
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