FACE LIFT Treatment

Hyaluron lift


The Hyaluron lift line was created for women after 45 years to reduce main age-related skin changes and is designed to restore young features, clear contours and smooth wrinkles.
The products of Hyaluron Lift collection are based on powerful anti-aging components that affect skin in 5 main directions which transform facial features:

  •  compensate for age-related loss of intercellular volume;
  •  tightening and struggling with sagging skin;
  •  restore cheekbones, cheeks and chin shapes, reduce "double chin", model the shape of the face;
  •  instantly tighten skin surface;
  •  smooth and fill wrinkles, reduce nasolabial folds.


  • ULTRACONCENTRATED HYALURONIC ACID (“youth molecule”) of 2 forms: high molecular weight and low molecular weight.
  • High molecular weight hyaluronic acid compensates for age-related loss of extracellular volume: it increases hydration and skin becomes supple and elastic. Minimizes wrinkles appearance, provides visual lifting effect, gives smoothness and elasticity.
  • Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid provides deep hydration of skin, stimulates protein synthesis, increases elasticity and prevents transeperdermal loss of moisture.
  • U-ACTIVE®GF is a “smart” combination of 5 growth factors and collagen tripeptide.
Growth factors are special proteins which help constant interaction between cells necessary for proper functioning of each cell, inhibits aging process and activates skin functions of self-rejuvenation.
  • U-ACTIVE®GF acts at cellular level, activates recovery process, stimulates cell renewal, increases collagen synthesis, reduces wrinkles and improves skin density and look, smoothes and moisturizes.
  • SLIM - EXCESS provides skin with a pronounced V-shape effect: it reduces excess volume, fights against skin sagging, visually reduces "double chin", restores cheeks and cheekbones shape, returns clarity to face and neck contours.
  • ESSENSKIN supports basic vital functions of skin cells restructuring and strengthening thin skin.
As a result, skin restores its elasticity, density, and smoothness.
  • BLACK TRUFFLE (“black diamond”) is an amazing rejuvenating component rich in minerals.
It starts skin renewal, stimulates collagen cells production, restores and fills skin with vital energy, effectively reduces wrinkles, tightens skin, reduces the number of pigment spots.



  • 21% more elastic skin *,
  • 65% more dense skin *,
  • 46% better skin elasticity **,
  • 67% improves skin hydration **.
  • * In just 4 weeks of use. Proven by Sederma (France)
  • ** After 2 months of use. Proved by Unaited Active (Korea).
  • Edelweiss stem cells give a truly magical beauty of the skin of the face restoring skin elasticity, actively fighting the loss of skin turgor.

Clinically proven:

  •  restore the neck and chin line *,
  •  tighten neck sagging by 10.6% *.

* Efficiency proven by Sederma (France)

  • Renaissance® is a peptide complex unique in its effectiveness which contributes to the improvement of skin elasticity, smoothes wrinkles and returns clarity to facial contours.

In just 4 weeks:

  •  elasticity, density of skin increases + 38%,
  •  improves skin elasticity + 24%,
  •  the volume of wrinkles is reduced - 18%.

* Efficiency proven by Infinitec (Spain)

  • Shadownyl ™ acts immediately in 3 directions:
  •  reduces wrinkles and improves the appearance of the skin
  •  activates the synthesis of collagen fibers
  •  has an antioxidant effect
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