Extra Nutrition

New line "Extra Nutrition" with paradise coconut oil for skin and hair care.

What is coconut oil rich for?
  • lauric acid removes fine wrinkles, pigment spots, accelerates the healing of microcracks
  • myristic acid restores the skin, deeply nourishes and softens the skin, improves the penetration of cosmetics into the epidermis
  • palmitic acid is suitable for mature and dry skin care
  • oleic acid improves the protective functions of the epidermis and normalizes the moisture content of the skin
  • caprylic acid is essential for keeping skin young
  • capric acid acts as an antibiotic and immunomodulator
  • stearic acid forms a protective film, protecting the skin from external influences
  • linoleic acid restores the skin barrier, reduces transdermal water loss, and has anti-inflammatory action
  • linolenic acid rejuvenates skin, stimulates hair growth
  • vitamins E, A, C, K, PP, H group B preserve the health of the skin, youth and beauty
  • macro- and microelements (calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, selenium, manganese, etc.)

What are the benefits of coconut oil?
  • for skin:
    • helps to get rid of dry skin, prevents its cracking and peeling
    • whitens the skin, eliminates unwanted pigmentation
    • has a deep nourishing effect
    • protects against UV radiation
    • prevents moisture loss
    • smoothes fine wrinkles, makes skin young, supple and elastic
  • for hair:
    • protects against negative environmental influences (cold, wind, sun, sea water, styling products, hair dryer)
    • actively nourishes the bulbs, solders split ends, preserves the integrity of the hair structure
    • strengthens hair, preventing it from falling out
    • helps to preserve moisture in the hair structure
Coconut oil is a tropical treasure that has a very rich composition and many beneficial properties.

Extra Nutrition - your secret of perfect skin and hair!
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Extra Nutrition Hand Cream COCONUT MILK


The skin of the hands is subject to negative influence of external factors. Hard water, environme...

The skin of the hands is subject to negative influence of external factors. Hard water, environmental exposure, aggressive detergents - all this contributes to the withering and dry skin of the hands.Extra-nutrition cream for hands “Coconut Milk” was created for luxurious care and intensive nourishment of the skin of your hands.The complex of active ingredients: cares for the skin of the hands and strengthens the nail plate enriches the skin with essential trace elements and nutrients gives ...

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