Your skin is well protected!

EGCG Korean Green Tea Catechin collection is based on the concentrated strength of 4 components of Korean green tea and unique Japanese matcha tea.
The composition of the products includes active components of green tea grown in ecologically clean areas of the Korean island of Jeju:
  • BioGenic EGCG-200 (BioGenics Inc., Korea) is a complex with a high content of gallate epigallocatechin, which is a highly active polyphenol, the strongest antioxidant component of green tea
  • Fermented Green Tea Extract AG-GreenTea Ferment (CoSeedBioPharm Co., Korea)
  • Green Tea Hydrolate Greentea Water (CoSeedBioPharm Co., Korea)
  • Green Tea Stem Cell Extract (CoSeedBioPharm Co., Korea)
  • matcha natural japanese green tea

EGCG Korean Green Tea Catechin is a powerful antioxidant defense for your skin!
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