Belita Young

Young skin needs gentle and effective care to stay clean and beautiful.

BELITA YOUNG line contains cosmetics necessary for daily care for young skin. A balanced composition of products gently cleanses, provides complex protection against external negative environmental factors,whereas bright and bold aroma will cheer you up for the whole day.

Active components:

WildBerry Harvest ™ is a unique extract of specially selected exotic Australian berries that perfectly nourish and moisturize young skin for a long time. The complex has an antioxidant effect protecting skin from damaging effects of free radicals and giving it radiant and healthy look.

Promoizers ™ is a special component which is a part of natural NMF-complex (a physiological skin moisturizer) that is able to bind and retain moisture coming from the outside: with air, water treatments and cosmetics thereby maintaining natural skin moisture level.

Еnnacomplex ™ - a patented complex that includes a mixture of extracts of white nettle, pine needles, burdock, chamomile, rosemary, ivy, arnica, watercress and garlic - stimulates hair roots activity and promotes rapid hair growth, moisturizes scalp.

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