ACNE & PIMPLES Face Treatment

A rare person never found on his face red inflamed rashes. During puberty such surprises are frequent. Over time most often skin problems disappear, and the skin becomes clean and smooth. But there are cases when years go by but skin troubles remain (rashes, scars, blemishes) and often remind of themselves.
Skin problems appear when pores are clogged. If the sebaceous glands work hard and their excretory ducts are blocked "plugs" of sebum and impurities are formed. In the sebaceous gland bacteria begins to multiply which leads to inflammation - acne and pimples. Causes of acne and other skin problems can be not only the blockage of pores and the intensive work of the sebaceous glands, but also problems in the work of certain internal organs in the human body.

It is necessary to organize a competent skin care! Daily skin care in the morning and evening which consists of three simple steps:

  •     cleansing
  •     toning
  •     nutrition, hydration, protection

Care for problem skin should begin with proper cleansing: makeup-remover lotion, foam or gel for washing (depending on the skin condition).
After washing the skin should be wiped with a tonic for problem skin which has an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and drying effect.
Special cream or gel for problem skin with antibacterial components provide a steady positive effect. Additional treatments also help to improve the condition of the skin.
For deep skin cleansing use special micropeeling for problem skin 1-2 times a week.
As an additional cleansing agent the mask with a high content of active antibacterial components is excellent; it perfectly opens and cleans pores, removes unpleasant sensations from skin inflammation.

IMPORTANT: For problem skin need special makeup.
Masking pencil will gently mask all inflamed areas.

ATTENTION: in case of severe inflammations on the skin it is necessary to consult a dermatologist.

Result: Regular and proper care for problem skin - clean and beautiful skin without problems!

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