Vivid Silk

Every woman dreams of luxurious hair. What to do if your hair has lost its shine and silkiness?

The “Vivid Silk” hair cosmetic line based on silk proteins helps to restore and preserve the beauty, strength and natural shine of your hair for a long time.

Silk proteins are one of the secrets of beauty that came to us from the East. Being the most related hair component in nature, silk improves the health and appearance of the hair. It "patches" damaged areas of the hair shaft and split ends, completely restoring their structure. Silk proteins form a protective film on the surface of the hair, giving the hair a unique shine, smoothness and elasticity, and also protect the hair from the adverse effects of the environment.

With “Vivid Silk” every woman will have great looking, well-groomed hair every day.

Silk care

Is your hair extremely vulnerable and stiff to the touch?

Have a porous structure?

Very fragile and easy to tangle?

Careful cleansing and intensive restoration - that is what is needed for such hair.

"Vivid silk" line allows you to fully care for your hair, restoring its strength and beauty.
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