Dead Sea - the unsurpassed gift of healing!
Live Water of the Dead Sea

Dead Sea water contains more than 20 essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium, lithium, zinc, potassium, boron, sodium, and the combination of minerals and microelements is unique, this is not found in any of the seas or oceans of the planet.

According to the numerous medical studies, minerals have healthy effect on body and beneficial effect on skin: they contribute to the enrichment of cells with oxygen, help remove toxins, provide longer skin hydration, tone up, strengthen skin structure from the inside, slow down aging process, give elasticity and softness.

Main minerals of the Dead Sea:

  • Magnesium (anti-stress mineral) - improves body cells vital activity, prevents the appearance of aging signs, has anti-allergic properties.
  • Sodium - supplies energy to cells, along with chlorine supports natural water balance.
  • Calcium - has anti-stress effect, strengthens connective tissues, increases body protective functions, is indispensable in the processes of skin metabolism, wound healing and infections prevention.
  • Potassium - improves metabolic processes, accelerates penetration of nutrients into cells, normalizes moisture balance.
  • Bromine - has anti-stress and antiseptic properties, promotes deep relaxation.
  • Iron - improves cellular respiration, is involved in oxygen transportation, improves immunity.
  • Silicon - increases body defense, normalizes metabolism, accelerates epidermis renewal, gives flexibility and elasticity to blood vessels, slows down body aging.
  • Manganese (antioxidant mineral) - neutralizes free radicals effect, promotes rapid healing of wounds, regulates lipid metabolism, which makes fat consumption more active - necessary for the proper vitamins absorption.

Dead Sea therapeutic mud

At the depth where the air and sun rays never penetrated and pollution from the environment did not fall, Dead Sea mud has been forming from organic compounds and sea minerals for thousands of years.

Dark, almost black, silt deposits saturated with rare mineral salts have unique properties for cleansing, rejuvenation, healing and strengthening. Cosmetic effect of mud applying is noticeable immediately: fine wrinkles are smoothed, skin becomes much more tender, smooth, elastic and velvety.

Gift for Queen Cleopatra

Healing beauty of the Dead Sea, salt and water was used by the legendary beauty - Queen Cleopatra - for rejuvenation and extraordinary silk smooth skin. Countless caravans brought her these miraculous riches, but the queen dreamed of becoming the owner of the sea coast, so that all the treasures of the Dead Sea were at her complete disposal. Cleopatra used the magical power of her beauty and charm, and Mark Antony conquered and threw to her feet the whole city on the shores of the Dead Sea. Soon, water and mud baths were built there, as well as factories for the production of cosmetics based on healing water and Dead Sea mud were opened.

“PHARMACOS DEAD SEA. PHARMACY COSMETICS OF THE DEAD SEA” line combines millennial traditions, old-fashioned recipes and the latest achievements of modern science, which allows to fully uncover and preserve all the healing properties of natural ingredients.

Now you can feel the healing power of the Dead Sea at home!

Specialists of the scientific center of JSC “VITEKS” have developed unique products for complex skin care. The basis of cosmetics - natural healing minerals, salt and mud from the Dead Sea, as well as exclusive highly effective complexes for youth, beauty and health of your skin!

Products of this line are designed to meet the individual needs of the skin of different types and ages, and help to ensure:

  • excellent cleansing and healing of skin;
  • full rejuvenating skin care for ages 30+ 45+ 55+;
  • elimination of acne, blackheads and black spots;
  • care for dry, very dry and atopic face skin;
  • care for oily face skin, with enlarged pores;
  • care for skin prone to allergies and irritations.


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Leave-On MAGNETIC BEAUTY MASK for Face with Magnet

A truly revolutionary skin care product!Effect after the 1st use! abyssinian oil Dead Sea mud  ...

A truly revolutionary skin care product!Effect after the 1st use! abyssinian oil Dead Sea mud   a session of healing magnetic micromassage for skin enhanced nutrition with minerals and microelements, renewal, restoration and rejuvenation of skin incredibly soft, delicate, attractively beautiful skin Due to the magnetic effect of a neodymium magnet, micro-massage of skin occurs, the production of collagen and elastin is stimulated, cellular respiration improves, the healing components pene...

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