Perfect body? It is possible!

 Slim body, toned and beautiful body skin without cellulite and visible fat deposits... Isn't it a dream of every woman?

"IDEAL FIGURE" line is a unique set of products that contribute to the natural burning of fat and increase skin elasticity.

What is the secret of this line?

The Pro-Sveltyl complex has a powerful slimming effect. After just 8 weeks of use, you will get visible results:
  •     waist loses up to 5 cm **
  •     hips lose up to 4.5cm **
The unique Symfit complex provides triple effect:
  •     increases fat splitting by 60% *,
  •     blocks the filling of fat cells with fats by 55% *,
  •     slows the formation of new fat cells by 80% *.
* proven by Symrise (Germany),
** proven by Silab (France).

The effect is enhanced by the goji extract.

Goji berry extract is a powerful antioxidant that protects the skin from free radicals, promotes the production of collagen, and accelerates the breakdown of fat deposits.

Natural extracts of chestnut, ginger and green coffee in combination with the Symfit and Pro-Sveltyl complexes strengthen their natural stimulating, strengthening and modeling effects on the skin of problem areas.

Fucus extract activates the elimination of toxins and excess fluid from the cells.

Wakame extract has lymphatic drainage effect, improves skin tone and appearance.
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