Luxurious curls - this is the main decoration of a woman. Strong, healthy and brilliant - they are a real business card and the secret of beauty and female attractiveness. A streaming waterfall of long and strong hair to the waist leaves nobody indifferent, so women go for any tricks to grow a luxurious braid. Undoubtedly, thick and strong hair is a gift of nature: the number of hair bulbs, the length of the hair growth phase and the type of scalp are genetically determined. However, it is possible to influence these indicators artificially with the help of special cosmetics.
In the scalp there are hair follicles, inside of them cells are actively dividing. Follicle activity goes through certain phases:
anagen lasts for 2-7 years, this is the time of active cell division;
catagen - slow growth, reduction of the follicle size in a few weeks;
telogen - bulb resting time: hair falls out either by itself or as a result of light effort, lasts for 3 months.
To accelerate hair growth, it is necessary to increase the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the follicle. Strengthening of blood flow to the scalp and the use of special products will get the desired result.

Uncover the mystery of hair growth together with “Growth and Strength” from “Viteks”!
Growth factors - a real activator of strength and beauty of your hair!

The secret of the formula is an effective combination of growth factors - PROCAPIL ™ and KOPYRROL, which actively strengthen the hair, providing it with the necessary nutrition and activating the growth process.

PROCAPIL ™ - an innovative complex of intensive action to strengthen and stimulate hair growth - works directly with hair follicles and significantly prolongs their life cycle. Protects and restores hair structure, preventing thinning and loss.

KOPYRROL prolongs the hair growth phase (anagen), strengthens the hair follicles, supplying the hair roots with oxygen and essential nutrients.

D-PANTENOL, penetrating into the hair, fills the damage and microcracks, so that the hair becomes smooth, shiny and elastic, and the ends are less split.

L-arginine and caffeine stimulate the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the hair roots, increase blood flow in the capillaries, which promotes the growth of thick and strong hair.

EXTRACTS OF RED PEPPER, AIRA and GINSENG improve blood supply to the scalp and increase hair growth, strengthening the roots.

GLOSSYLIANCE, combining a mixture of natural extracts - sugar cane and lemon zest, smoothes hair scales, increases shine and gives softness.
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Magic Leave-on Elixir for Long Hair


The complex of active ingredients: supports healthy and strong hair growth aligns the hair struc...

The complex of active ingredients: supports healthy and strong hair growth aligns the hair structure over the entire length makes hair thick and shiny Magic elixir - an innovative product to maintain the growth of strong hair - designed specifically for owners of long hair. Due to the special composition of the elixir formula helps to smooth the structure of the hair, eliminating microdamages that cause brittle hair, increases their elasticity, gives the hair smoothness and enhances natural...

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