Green Snake anti-aging cosmetics is based on the unique SYN®-AKE tripeptide which structure reproduces the protein sequence responsible for the paralyzing function of the venom of the temple viper. SYN®-AKE works as a muscle relaxant - gently blocks active movement of muscles helping to smooth out wrinkles without disturbing the natural facial expression.
Now you can freely express emotions and be sure that they will not add new wrinkles on your face. SYN®-AKE products are a mild alternative to injections of myoparalyzing toxin, they are painless, safe, do not have consequences in the form of “frozen” facial expressions, but they are effective as confirmed by the tests conducted by the Swiss company DSM.
The use of Green Snake cosmetics allows you to notice the result in a few days: the depth of the folds decreases, mimic wrinkles become less noticeable, skin becomes smooth and elastic.
Green Snake. Get rid of wrinkles. Enjoy the emotions!
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