Cell Intense is a line of professional cytocosmotic products based on the combination of the geroprotective action of the bioavailable CitrustemTM plant stem cells and the peptide, the self-renewal factor of the Survixyl TM epidermal stem cells.
Theoretically, human skin stem cells are capable of regeneration throughout their lives, however with age the activity of these cells diminishes. At this time our skin needs additional stimulation and protection.
Modern cosmetology is able to help launch the program of skin revitalization "from the inside":
  • CitrustemTM - phytosterol cells protect the DNA of epidermal cells of the skin, promote adequate lipid replenishment of barrier structures, eliminate the imbalance between synthesis and loss of structural proteins, lipids.
  • SurvixylTM - peptide - improves the synthetic activity of its own epidermal stem cells. Protects from all signs of chrono- and photoaging.
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