For centuries Asian women have fascinated the whole world with their flawless, unfading beauty. Koreans compare feminine beauty with the tenderness of flower petals and the transparency of precious porcelain. With the new cosmetic line “Asian Secrets” you will unravel the secret of the perfect skin of Asian beauties.


1. Multistage care system.
2. Skillful combination and rich composition of valuable natural ingredients.

TSUBAK OIL (Camellia Japanese) - the ancient “Japanese beauty secret” is the most important component of oriental medicine and cosmetology due to its unique composition! It is rich in beauty vitamins A, B, and E, collagen, antioxidants, unsaturated fats, and a variety of beneficial acids — oleic, linoleic, palmitic, stearic, and arachidonic. It is noteworthy that the concentration of these useful acids in camellia is 10 times greater than in other vegetable oils.

The oil is classified as non-greasy, it is quickly absorbed and does not leave the skin shiny.

quickly penetrating into the deep layers perfectly nourishes and moisturizes the skin, smoothes wrinkles and prevents their appearance, softens the "creases" and improves skin tone.

MATSUTACKE MUSHROOM (“eternal youth” mushroom) is the most expensive and rare mushroom in Asia. It is a cult mushroom in whose honor temples are being built and holidays are being arranged. It is saturated with potassium, magnesium, folic acid, lecithin and ergothioneine, has an antioxidant effect, effectively slows down the aging process, brightens the skin and fights pigmentation.

TSENTELLA ASIAN has long been known in Oriental medicine and cosmetology as the most valuable ingredient, accelerates cell regeneration, softens and moisturizes, soothes and refreshes the skin, improves skin tone, smoothes wrinkles and combats with the signs of aging, gives the skin an elastic, fresh, toned look.

IMPERIAL GINSENG has a powerful rejuvenating effect on the skin, regulates metabolic processes, helps smooth wrinkles and prevents their appearance, improves skin tone, and suppresses the effects of free radicals accelerating the aging process.

SILK PROTEINS level the microrelief, deeply moisturize and improve skin elasticity, return silky softness and smoothness.

Pomegranate - a powerful anti-aging agent, unique in its composition, has antioxidant properties, reliably protecting the skin from free radicals, soothes and softens, smoothes and tightens, prevents collagen destruction and dehydration, tightens pores and smoothes the skin texture, improves complexion and fills the skin with energy .

ARGANA OIL nourishes the skin with essential nutrients, eliminates the feeling of dryness and tightness, gives the skin luxurious smoothness, softness and tenderness.

AHA-acids are able to affect the condition of the skin at the molecular, cellular and tissue levels. They make it possible to peel off the surface layer of the epidermis as carefully as possible leveling the microrelief and stimulating skin renewal, have a pronounced rejuvenating effect, improve complexion, create radiant silk skin.

3D Retinol – 3 active forms of retinol acting in several directions at once:

  • LPD's Vitamin A - encapsulated retinol - has a high penetrating ability, retains its effectiveness for a long time and begins to act directly when applied to the skin: restores, strengthens collagen fibers and prevents their destruction, increases the density of the skin, strengthens skin elasticity and smoothes even the deepest wrinkles.
  • Vit-A-Like - activates collagen synthesis, accelerates the processes of cellular renewal, reduces wrinkles, strengthens and tightens the skin, evens and brightens the complexion.
  • Vitamin A - restores the protective functions of the skin, fights free radicals, protects against pre-temporary aging, levels the skin surface and improves the complexion.

3 active forms of retinol stimulate cell renewal, improve texture and even out skin tone, provide a lifting effect and smooth wrinkles.

LS-MUCIN is a special filtrate that is obtained from the secret snails eating red ginseng . It is a storehouse of the most valuable components that provide an instant moisturizing effect and regeneration of skin cells, stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin, smooth wrinkles and eliminate dull complexion.

STEM CELLS - produced by modern HTN-biotechnology from stem cells of mountain edelweiss. Plant stem cells have a powerful antioxidant effect, fight age-related skin photoaging, protect the integrity of the extracellular matrix and activate collagen synthesis, provide instant lifting, tighten the skin of the neck and cheeks up to 56% *.

SILK ACACIA - unique ingredients of silk acacia extract act on rejuvenation and tightening the contour of the eyes and lips, smooth out wrinkles, provide lifting of the upper eyelid, remove puffiness and lighten dark circles under the eyes.


The basic daily ritual of any Asian girl is the correct facial cleansing - a simple, but very valuable beauty secret. Why? Because the correct careful removal of makeup is the pledge of youthful skin.

An Asian woman will not begin to wash without removing the makeup first. For them it’s as natural as taking off their clothes before taking a shower.

1. The first and most important step: “Micellar water” for removing makeup from the eyes and lips and “Hydrophilic gel-oil” for the face in order to clean the skin of the face as deeply as possible and remove the remnants of cosmetics.

2. The next stage - washing: "Cleansing Cream Foam for the face." Washing with foam is another trick of Asian skin care.

       3. The third and final stage of purification is the application of Tonic-Softner.

Regular exfoliation of the skin is another mandatory aspect of the Asian beauty program which is carried out after washing. Depending on the skin type 1 or 2 times a week use “Exfoliating Peeling” with fruit acids for the face. The light gel texture affects the stratum corneum of the epidermis and destroys the bonds between the dead cells. Exfoliating ingredients carry the active ingredients into the deep layers of the skin.

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