ACTIVE HairComplex

The ACTIVE HairComplex collection is an INTENSIVE PROGRAM AGAINST HAIR LOSS with an effective concentration of active ingredients.

Hair loss is a common problem that affects not only men but also women. Hair falls out all the time, and this is a natural physiological process. Hair age is short - from two to seven years, and on average - about three to five years. Normally, a new one grows in place of each fallen hair, and the density of the hair practically does not change. It is considered normal if 50 to 150 hairs fall out daily, but hair density remains. Sometimes, due to health problems, external factors or heredity, hair begins to fall out more actively and grow much more slowly.

If you notice that hair loss has increased, it is necessary to use an integrated approach to solving this problem: to establish and eliminate the causes of this phenomenon, observe a balanced diet and sufficient physical activity, and also use special care products aimed at preventing hair loss.
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