12 Premium Peptides FACE MICROPLASTIC

"12 Premium Peptides FACE MICROPLASTICS" is a new generation of cosmetics, as it combines advanced technologies in the field of aesthetic anti-aging cosmetology and powerful innovative anti-aging components.

Due to the complex use of products, you can achieve the effect of non-invasive face microplastics, because irreplaceable nutrients, regenerating and rejuvenating substances, gradually and continuously released, help to slow down the aging process of the skin and literally turn back time. The skin is tightened, fine and deep wrinkles are smoothed, the facial features become clearer and more expressive, the complexion is evened out, it becomes fresh, bright and radiant.

Correction of visible signs of age occurs with each application and increases with the regular.

The line is based on 12 premium peptides, which form an intelligent anti-aging system for an impressive rejuvenation effect.

1. U-Active P&C *

An innovative complex of 6 peptides to combat skin aging, which combines two different mechanisms of action:
  •  An increase in the synthesis of own collagen directly by the skin;
  •  Protection of collagen from destruction.
Both mechanisms operate synergistically, allowing for a global and comprehensive minimization of wrinkles and strengthening the shape of the face. It is the best alternative to collagen injections.

The complex also stimulates the synthesis of elastin and hyaluronic acid, enhances the barrier function of the skin.
  • Reduced crow's feet by 20%
  • Reduction of wrinkles under the eyes by 51%
  • 46% improvement of skin elasticity
  • 67% improved skin hydration
2. Renaissance **

Highly effective complex of 4 peptides, which improves the biological interaction between cells, levels the skin surface, gives elasticity, visibly softens the skin, makes the complexion fresh and bright, significantly reducing the age-related changes of the skin.
  • 38% increase in skin elasticity
  • 74% skin smoothness improvement
  • 76.5% skin softness improvement
3. Matrixyl 3000 ***

The active complex of 2 peptides, which provides a fast and stable synthesis of collagen of youth, restores the integrity of the cell matrix and literally “pushes” wrinkles from the inside, eliminating the causes that lead to visual aging of the skin (wrinkles, reduced tone and elasticity).
  • 45% wrinkle reduction

According to the research of companies:

* United Active (Korea), ** Infinitec (Spain), *** Sederma (France).

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