💖 Want "Smooth&Sleek" hair? 💖 No problem!

This set has lots of real 'likes'! 👍 Get these 5 products

1. Laminating Shampoo for All Hair Types (400 ml)
Shampoo-lamination gently cleans, moisturizes and nourishes the hair, preventing their fragility and cross section. The technology of intensive recovery instantly transforms damaged, weakened and brittle hair into sensually smooth and shiny hair.

2. Laminating Balsam for All Hair Types (380 ml)
Balm restores damaged hair structure, enveloping them with a weightless protective film, creates a lamination effect. Safely protects against electrification, fuzziness and tangling in all weather conditions. Hair looks well-groomed, smooth and incredibly shiny.

3. Deep Action Laminating Mask for All Hair Types (200 ml)
Mask-lamination intensively restores damaged areas of hair, providing moisture and nutrition. Disciplines disobedient hair, controls excessive fluffiness, gives smoothness and incredible shine.

4. BB 12-in-1 Leave-On Beauty Balm for All Hair Types (100 ml)
Deep hair restoration. Active nutrition. Intense moisturizing. Easy combing. Vinyl smoothness. Glossy gloss. Protection against damage. Protection from split ends. Control over the furry hair. Antistatic effect. Thermal protection during hairdriering and / or ironing. UV protection.

5. Laminating Spray with Oils for All Hair Types (100 ml)
Spray intensively nourishes and moisturizes the hair, prevents the emergence of split ends, protects from thermal exposure when stacked with a hair dryer, controls unwanted fluffiness of hair, gives them long-lasting smoothness and shine.

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